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One Day Impressionist Painting Workshop

 9:00am - 4:00pm

 You will be painting beside a beautiful dam complete with a little wooden bridge.  The view is filled with waterlilies, giant willow trees, bird life and other lovely water plants, similar to the scenes painted by the Impressionist master, Claude Monet.

This is a wonderful day spent painting from life; so often now we work from photographs.  During this workshop you will paint beside this beautiful dam, filled with the wonders of nature, experiencing what it is like to be creative under the shade of majestic trees.  Painting outdoors is a very different experience to painting indoors.  The Impressionists used to paint outside, experiencing the changes during the day (or night), capturing the most incredible colour and light giving their work unbelievable life. This is an opportunity to paint as the Impressionists did, viewing a scene similar, but on a smaller scale, to that painted by Monet in his magnificent French gardens.  This is a seasonal workshop and only runs while the waterlilies are in flower.  

We will have lunch in the lapa next to the dam and break for tea/coffee/snacks.  

                                                                                                 R950 for the day



Painting outdoors on the Monet Day