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Commissions taken for all types of art including portraits, landscapes, abstract and other requests. 

Paintings for sale and commissioned artworks below

All artworks by Mary-Jane Persson are subject to a copyright ©

"Reflective Light" h1200mm/w1300mm
"Pearls of Light" h500mm/w200mm
"Mystery" h460mm/360mm
"Mini Tall Stories" h750mm/w820mm
"A Land of Memories" h500mm/w600mm
"Where Seas and Skies Meet" h600mm/w1400mm
"Move Within" h600mm/w600mm
"Across the Vaal Dam" h1600mm/w1400mm
"Perfectly Formed" h900mm/w450mm
"Ocean of Fire" h1200mm/w750mm
"Just Passed Through" h900mm/w1350mm
"Blazing Beauty" h600mm/w1400mm
"The Edge of the Wood" h250mm/w350mm
"Waiting for Something" h250mm/w350mm
"Expansion" h1350mm/w2000mm
"Whispering Leaves" h1000mm/w1600mm
"Move Beyond" h900mm/w600mm
"Dragons at Play" h600mm/w1400mm
"Brightly Coloured Farm"
"Alone, not Lonely" h1350mm/w900mm
"Finding Love in Life's Lava" h1350mm/w500mm
Forest (Corporate commission) Diptych
"Snow Time" h800mm/w800mm
"Angels Wings" h800mm/w600mm
"Tibetan Monk with Dorje and Bell" h420mm/w297mm
"Imagine You Could" h1300mm/w900mm
"Waterlillies" set of 9 canvasses 300mm/300mm each
"Mercury Bleeding" Diptych 600mm/1400mm each COMMISSIONED (Private home)
"Out to Fish" h1200mm/w750mm
"Undergrowth in Red" h900mm/w300mm
"Stand Alone" h1000mm/w1400mm
"I walked this path and listened" h1000mm/w1400mm
"Storms on the Rise" h600mm/w1400mm
"Into the Light" h500mm/w600mm
"Docked" h250mm/w350mm
"African sunset" h600mm/w1400mm
"Victoria Falls" h1300mm/w1850mm
"Lead me Through" h500mm/w200mm
"Burning skies" h450mm/w900mm
Diptych h800mm/w1200mm each
"Moving Swifly"
"Abstract Lands of Beyond" h1000mm/w2000mm
"A Stillness That Follows" h1200mm/w1500mm
"Lioness basking in the sun" h250mm / w500mm
h800mm / w1200mm each
"Red's Who I love" h440mm/w440mm
"Bright Day Ahead"
'A way Over" h1200mm/w750mm
"The Evening Awaits" h1000mm/w1400
"Victoria Falls catching the Sun" h700mm/w500mm
"Mountains in Bright Colours" h750mm / w900mm COMMISSIONED (Corporate)
"Moon Rising" h900mm/w450mm
"Where am I?" h1200mm/w30mm
"Evening Walks" h510mm/w315mm
"Just taking my time" h1000mm/w1400mm
"The Hills Lead Home" h600mm/w1400mm
"gods little fingers" h400mm/w400mm
"Days Gone By" h200mm/w500mm
"Wish We Were There" h600mm/w1400mm
"The Rose Within" h900mm/w1300mm
"On a beaded plate" h1200mm/w300mm
"Otter at Large" h440mm/w440mm
Abstract paintings for an office passage 3 canvasses h100mm/w1500mm each
"The Ocean Moves Constantly" h1300mm/w1850mm
"Forest" h1100mm/w1600mm
"Laughter" h800mm / w600mm
"Tibet, Lake Manasorova" h200mm / w800mm
"Seedpod" h200mm / w600mm
"Let your Imagination Go" h1350mm / w2000mm

All paintings by Mary-Jane are subject to a copyright ©