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About the Art Classes

Art is therapeutic and helps us on many different levels.  It is vital to have a creative outlet, especially with the demands of modern life.  We need time out, time to relax and play in the magical world of colour – express our inner selves outwardly and create something wonderfully unique!”                                                 Mary-Jane Persson

Set amongst the trees, on a beautiful property in Honeydew, Mary-Jane has opened an art school.  From here, she shares her knowledge of art and has taught more than a hundred people over the past years.  Specialising in oil painting, colour and sketching, Mary-Jane teaches people to capture their own creativity, giving them the space to create their personal masterpieces, which they enjoy.

“I believe painting and drawing are not all about talent – it is a skill that most people can acquire, occasionally with more effort than not, but it can be learnt! I have been teaching since 1997 and I have never had a student unable to learn something worthwhile!”                                                                                                  Mary-Jane Persson

At Mary-Jane's art studio, you can choose to join classes that run regularly once a week, or you can do part time art courses which vary from an half day workshop up to an 8 or 12 week course (depends on subject choice and what’s on offer.  Please click on the various part-time courses for more details).

For adults or children who wish to do regular art classes, we offer weekly classes that are held at various times the during week ( mornings, afternoons or evenings) and Saturday mornings.  Students work at their own pace; they are encouraged to paint or draw subject matter that interests them which they will enjoy afterwards as a completed artwork.  The classes are kept fairly small to enable special attention for each student when and as they need guidance.

“I love teaching and watching the students grow and develop artistically. 

All the people involved in the studio make these classes special.  Close friendships have formed over the years.  This is a lovely way to spend time with others and the perfect environment in which to do so.”                                                  Mary-Jane Persson